Parents and Children's Equality = Equal Parenting of Children 

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 Parent's and Children's Equality of Indiana works to assure the child of a non-intact family the frequent, meaningful and continuing contact with two parents and extended family that the child would have had if the parents had been or remained married.  We work to strengthen families though changes to and increased understanding of Indiana Child Support Guidelines, Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines, and the Indiana Code.  PACE is not a gender-based organization, nor simply an advocate for noncustodial parents.  Rather, we advocate what we believe to be in the best interests of children including the Children's Bill of Rights (see


For the child's benefit, PACE:
* advocates a rebuttable presumption of shared parenting in divorce custody orders;
* believes in balanced and comprehensive child support, including providing for the financial, emotional, and physical needs of the child;
* works to transform the typical adversarial divorce process into one of conciliation and mediation.

PACE is an affiliate of the Children's Rights Council, a national non-profit organization based in Washington, D.C.