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   The meetings of the Indiana Supreme Court committee developing pro se documents and procedures are open to the public. Typically, a committee meets once per month at the National City Center building in downtown Indianapolis. If you would like to monitor the committee's activities, for your own benefit of that of others, please let me know. I have been unable to find someone to do that and provide information on their progress, plans, schedule for completion, and information which may presently be available through their work! Hopefully, the stigma and hurdles thrown up by the judicial system (especially pro tem judges!) to try to discourage pro se litigants and encourage hiring of attorneys, will be dismantled as the court reviews the plight of the pro se litigant. Providing the forms is of little value if the judge requires the pro se litigant to adhere to the same level of courtroom competency, procedure, etc. as the trained attorney, which is often the situation.

Bob Monday