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About The Good Dads Association

We are a non-profit organization dedicated to the best interest of our children.
Partially funded by Family & Social Services Administration.

Good Dads Association
501 John St. Suite 10
Evansville, IN 47713
(812) 425-7006

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Who are we funded by?
The Good Dad's Association is funded by grant money from Family and Social Services Administration as well as businesses, individuals, and other providers of social service programs.  We work with schools, churches, and other social service agencies with a commitment to the family.  Community relationships are the key to our success, and everything we do depends on good relationships.

Who do we reach out to?
The Good Dads Association reaches out to dads who want to be better dads.  Seminars and workshops are provided for low-income parents, and families with other special needs.  Character building is emphasized.  Youth are a focus of much of our effort we believe that youth who are at risk can be given activities that generate a sense of pride and accomplishment.  Our youth education programs emphasize conflict resolution, respect for others, and ethical conduct.  We begin early to prepare today's youth for healthy relationships.